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  1. "Index was out of range" - Update database version

  2. Add product price to invoice template

  3. Adding a logo or image to the invoice/PO template

  4. Adding a Running Total

  5. Adding fields to invoice template: customer phone and email

  6. Advanced documentation for invoice designer

  7. Batch update products (e.g: price)

  8. Calculated Fields: 3% discount for paying in 10 days

  9. Can't upgrade: Incorrect Serial Number

  10. Create a new company

  11. Data Not Available

  12. Delete all products

  13. Do you offer a physical DVD/CD?

  14. Do you support barcode scanners?

  15. Doesn't Open (Invoice Expert has stopped working)

  16. Email settings for gmail

  17. Email Troubleshooting - "Failure sending email"

  18. Error when restoring database backup

  19. Failed to update database to new version! Access to the path 'XXX' is denied.

  20. Formatting the date in the invoice designer

  21. How do I back up my database?

  22. How to add a discount to an invoice

  23. How to change the installation code for a license?

  24. How to configure other currencies? (Indian Rupee)

  25. How to modify the invoice template to show invoice notes

  26. How to print an Invoice (or save as PDF)

  27. How to upgrade to the advanced edition

  28. How to upload your database to Dropbox

  29. Importing/Exporting Customers or Products

  30. Invoice Expert Manual/User Guide

  31. Invoice Template Files

  32. Logo stretched

  33. Missing buttons in full menu

  34. Modifying Sort Order of Fields

  35. Move Invoice Expert to a new computer

  36. Multi-Line Invoice Notes

  37. Old database files (.vdb3 vs .vdb4)

  38. Product drop down box is blank

  39. Products aren't showing up in the list

  40. Purchase problem: Failure to authorize. Do not honor

  41. Quote number doesn't appear on PDF printed form

  42. Removing decimals from quantity field

  43. Removing Shaded Background on Invoice Lines

  44. Set Shipping Cost

  45. Sharing Invoice Expert with Multiple Computers (Network Setup/Remote Access)

  46. Sort by Customer Number

  47. Stock Level Not Updating

  48. System.UnauthorizedAccessException. Access to the path is denied.

  49. Troubleshooting: Remote Access

  50. Where is the database file located?

  51. Why doesn't my invoice have a unit prices column?

  52. Windows Compatibility

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