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Fix default invoice expert email server in v4.44.0

If you are having issues with the default invoice expert email server and seeing the error message:

Unable to send email, because the following error has occurred:

Transaction failed. The server response was: 5.7.1 <unknown[]>: Client host rejected: Access denied

Please follow these steps to manually update your Invoice Expert and fix email issue. Or you can wait until we release the next version of Invoice Expert.
  1. Download and run the email fix setup:
  2. Click yes to run the setup:
  3. Now run Invoice Expert as you normally would. If you see the following message click "More Info" and "Run anyway". This should only happen the first time after downloading.
  4. After Invoice Expert opens, test out the email sending. Go to Settings -> Email Setting -> select "Use invoice expert email server" and then click "Send Test Email". Everything should work now.

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