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Sharing Invoice Expert with Multiple Computers (Network Setup/Remote Access)

1) You will need to log in to your account on our website to purchase an additional license for each additional computer where you want to install Invoice Expert

2) Make sure the computers are on the same network, then follow the directions in: InvExpNetworkSetupWin7.pdf

3) The invoice templates are not automatically shared. To share your invoice templates, start from the computer with the correct invoice templates. Take all the files in directory: "C:\ProgramData\Invoice Expert\Invoice Reports" and copy them into that same directory on the new computer (make a backup of the folder first). You will have to do this any time you make changes to the invoice templates.

4) If the computers are not on the same network (not in the same office) you should download Dropbox on both computers.  Then move the database file from C:\ProgramData\Invoice Expert to your dropbox folder. Then on both machines go to Full Menu->Switch Company->Open Existing File and choose the database in the dropbox folder. This should sync the database between the two computers.

Warning: Dropbox works best for one person using invoice expert in two locations. If you use Dropbox then you can't save invoices from two different computers at the exact same time. If this happens then you may lose the change and have two copies of the database file:

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