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Batch update products (e.g: price)

If you would like to update details related to your product (e.g: price, description, product name, SKU), you can do this via exporting the products, making modifications in excel and then importing the products.  Note, however, that the Product Number *cannot* be modified as this is the unique key that is used to match the products back to your existing database.  If you modify the product number, an entirely new product line will be added to your database vs modifying an existing line.

To make modifications in batch:
  1. Click the Full Menu -> Export Products
  2. Navigate to the folder where your exports are directed
  3. Open the exported file in Excel
  4. Make required changes to your product details as needed
  5. Save the excel file
  6. Navigate to the above screenshot Full Menu -> Import Products
  7. Follow the steps to import the products
  8. Your product(s) will now be updated in the database

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