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Can't upgrade: Incorrect Serial Number

Please follow these steps to upgrade:
1. Open up invoice expert lite and click the upgrade button. Copy the install code that appears
2. Go to login to your account
3. Click the deactivate link beside all your existing licenses (if you have already generated an incorrect serial number)
4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and paste in your install code from step 1 click generate serial
5. Look at the serial number you just generated in the table with the install code from step 1. Copy it
6. Go back to invoice expert lite click upgrade. Copy the serial number from step 5 into the field. Click Upgrade.

Common Mistakes:
  • Don't use the install code 3EMQ5F, this is just an example code, use the unique install code from your own copy of invoice expert.
  • Sometimes a zero is confused for a capital O in the install code. Please copy and paste the exact install code from invoice expert
Still having trouble? Please send us a photo/screenshot of the upgrade screen in invoice expert to

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